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Upcoming Gigs:  

Sunday, 23 September 2007

during the "Tolkien Weekend Worms" "Ein Musikalische Reise durch Mittelerde"

Lincoln Theater

Obermarkt 10 Worms, Germany

a Gala Concert featuring opera singer Ludmilla Der, pianist Faina Jahnina, the Volkshochschule Choir, musicians from the Jugendmusikschule Worms, and special guests. Music from the "Lord of the Rings" films, as well as new pieces inspired by Tolkien's works, will be performed.
Tabitha and her band will be performing new jazzy arrangements of "Gollum's Song", "Into the West" and Tabitha's original composition, "Longing", from her CD.
A special treat will be the world premiere of Tabitha Elkins' Tolkien-inspired work in the Elvish language, "Rites of Arda", featuring a chamber orchestra, soloist and choir.

For more info, call (06241) 20 11 99

Ludmilla Der perfected her vocal technique with Professor Strelnikowa at Moscow's famed Bolschoi Theater. She then graced opera houses and theaters in the former Soviet Union, before resettling in Worms, where she is engaged as a performer and teacher. She leads the VHS choir and performs often in churches and at concerts.