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     Tabitha has performed at Cleopatra's Needle, Downtime, Tagine and venues in Long Island. In Germany, she has performed at Cafe Aqui, Eis Amico and at outdoor festivals, including the Bingen Jazz Festival.  The following is a list of Jazz Compositions:

16 Bars on Bay St.
Snowing in July
Lord Above

These were all featured on Tabitha's  first CD, "Snowing in July".  
Here are some new songs:
Heaven Above
Sax Man
Goodbye Blues
Bitter Blues
Ain't that a Shame
Blue Monday

A new album is now in the works, and will be released next year! Keep posted here to check for more info, music and more!

A live version of "My Funny Valentine", with Heddesheimer Jazz Projekt:

A Funky version of "Summertime", also by Heddesheimer Jazz Projekt:

"Snowing in July" is now available at
Just click below to hear sound clips