Pianist/Vocalist/Multi-instrumentalist Tabitha Elkins grew up in Trenton, New Jersey, the daughter of an American father and a German mother. Raised by music-loving parents, Tabitha started out playing the violin in her school orchestra, but as a teen she gravitated towards Rock and Blues, teaching herself drums, guitar and keyboards.

    After moving to New York City, where she studied Classical Composition at New York University, she quickly got involved in New York's indie rock scene, writing and performing her own music. While studying at CUNY, Tabitha became assistant News Director of WSIA, Staten Island's independent college radio station, hosting her own weekly radio show, "Friday Morning Jazz".

      After completing a BA in Music in June of 2000, Tabitha  started attending Barry Harris' jazz piano workshops, and became a fixture at jam sessions all over town, and performing with Saxophonist Paul Kendall, who played with her newly-formed Quartet in various venues in the New York Region, including Cleopatra's Needle, Downtime and Tagine. During this time, she became actively involved in the Worldwide Jazz Conspiracy's "NYCJazz" newsletter, contributing articles, reviews and her own column.

    In the following years, she focused mainly on jazz, producing her jazz CD, "Snowing in July", which featured both standards and original compositions.

       After moving to Germany in the Summer of 2003, Tabitha was involved in various projects, including singing in Reverend Lee Brown's Freedom Family Gospel Choir, singing with a rock group, Blue Spiral,  which recorded her song for the "Cool Sounds for Krimhild & Co" Contest in Worms, and performing jazz, pop and Bossa Nova with Werner Freckmann and Jazzapo.

        Starting in 2015, Tabitha began to record new original songs in a bluesy pop style that embraces her many musical interests. The viral Youtube video for antiwar song "Candyland" attracted thousands of clicks. Her newest album, "Upside Down World" features the song, "Captain Kirk", a homage to Star Trek TOS, which gained the attention of producers of "Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar", and Tabitha was invited to perform before the jury. The new sound is rapidly gaining a following among listeners who are part of the "Retro Nova" movement. The new "Captain Kirk" remix is rapidly achieving cult status.