Classical and Instrumental Works

Tabitha studied composition first at NYU (with Ruth Schonthal) and later with Edward McIrvine at the College of Staten Island. She also studied for her Master's Degree in Composition at City College, with David Del Tredici.
She premiered some works for chamber orchestra, voice and choir at the Lincoln Theater in Worms, during "Tolkien Weekend". 

Here is a list of pieces she has composed:

Impromptu for Guitar (1995)
Fantasy for Guitar (1995)
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Bagatelle for Piano(1995)
Nocturne for Piano (1995)
Violin Sonata, vaguely in d minor "For My Father"
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I. Largo Mysterioso
III. Andante- Allegro (1996-1999)
Suite For Flute and Guitar
I. Adagio Mysterioso
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II. Andante Cantabile
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III. Mesto Adagio (1999)
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"A Ride Down Victory Blvd" for solo piano (2000)
"Symmetriphany" and Nacht Musik" for chamber ensemble (2002) 

More music will be posted soon!